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Updates: New Place

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I've just updated my cv/résumé and have taken some photographs of my new place and the view. (It would be great to set up a webcam pointed outside my window at the Royal Crescent, but I can not afford to leave my computer on all day. Here are some photographs of the view and my flat.




Today, I got to see a hot air balloon launch from right outside my window. I've documented this event unfolding.

Getting ready to launch a hot air balloon, the basket is turned on its
side, and they lay the balloon out flat.


Air starts to fill the balloon.


People hold the top of the balloon up as air is pumped into it.


The people start to seal the top of the balloon once enough air permits.


The balloon gets larger and the top gets sealed up.


Slowly, the size increases and we can make out a letter 'A'.


It looks over half-way done now.


A rope is tied to the top of the balloon, and the balloon starts to lift.


People pull on the rope so the balloon rises gently.


The balloon slowly rises.


The balloon lifts into the air and the ball-players stop to watch.


Slowly, it gains some shape.


The people let go of their ropes as the balloon is stable.


The balloon gets ready for launch on the green.


More air is pumped in and the balloon sways a little.


The balloon launches.


People watch the balloon launch from the park.


The balloon flys over the Royal Crescent.


The balloon flies high in the sky and above Marlborough Buildings.


Beautiful Gardens: Bath

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I've recently moved to Bath to take up a new job. Although I will be working south of Bristol, I decided that I wanted to live in Bath. Bath is a beautiful city, and I am enjoying walking through the park and gardens every day and views of the stone buildings. Bath has beautiful parks and shops; some of the better shops are tucked away. One of my favourite photos of Bath is posted below.



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