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Air Show on the Beach

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It was perfect weather in Bournemouth. An extremely crowded beach, sun, kiosks, deck chairs, a grounded helicopter near the pier, and several planes flying overhead throughout the day. Last weekend was the Air Show in Bournemouth. World War II planes, bombers, helicopters, aerobatics on bi-planes, the Red Arrows, Lancaster, parachutes, and a beach battle re-enactment were part of the event. The end of the display was marked by a light show with hot air balloons, which did not amount to too much due to the hgih winds, and an amazing fireworks display just off the beach. Some photos from the event are displayed below. 




This SharePoint bug occurs randomly when a user attempts to 'Export to Spreadsheet' a list that contains dates. The error returned is: "Cannot get the list schema column property from the SharePoint list".

There is a work-around where the columns containing dates can be converted into strings, but this is not the ideal way as every column would need to be changed, and the average computer user will not understand this method; this method will also add an extra step to their process. Additionally, the problem will keep arising each and every time the user wishes to export that list.

After some research, it was discovered that this is a common SharePoint bug. To fix the problem, it is recommended to update the service pack installation on the SharePoint server. There is a support area here:

Installing service packs should be completed regularly.

If the date issue continues to be a problem after installing the service updates and restarting the server, simply rename the column holding the date values in SharePoint. (This name can always be changed back to the original name.)

Roman Holiday

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Rome - beautiful city with so much history. The Colosseum, the ruins of ancient Rome, fountains, beautiful architecture, nice museums and galleries, and little shops and cafes. The Vatican, a separate city-state a short walk from the centre of Rome, also has many tourist attractions, including St. Peter's basilica and the Sistine Chapel with the famous ceiling paintings, not to mention many museums. 

There was one attraction in Rome that was completely unexpected. (Of course, I loved the Colosseum and St. Peter's and the Sistine Chapel; I expected them to be amazing.) The attraction that amazed me the most was the Trevi Fountain. To get to the fountain, you have to walk down a narrow street, which widens at the end into a square. The fountain is in this square, and it is much grander than expected.




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