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If you are the owner or contributor to a list, you can export and link the list to Excel and save it to your computer. When you have made changes, you can later synchronize the list with SharePoint to make your changes and to refresh the changes of your list.

To do this:

  1. View the list. click onto 'actions', click onto 'edit in datasheet'


  1. You will see the list in Datasheet view, and you can directly edit the columns in this view.


  1. To export and link the list, go to Actions>Task Pane


  1. Scroll to the right of the list, and you will see the Task Pane. The option you want to select to work on the list on your computer is 'Export and Link to Excel'.


  1. Select the option and the list will be opened up in Excel. (Click 'Open' to confirm.) You can now go ahead and save this Excel document to your computer and make changes to it.


  1. When you are finished making changes and have an Internet connection, you can synchronise your changes back to the list on SharePoint. To do this, complete the steps. In Excel, select Data>Lists>Synchronize List.


  1. If changes between your Excel document and the list on SharePoint conflict, you will be notified. You can select which change to keep and which to discard.

Red and Orange Flowers in Regent's Park

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Regent's Park has attractive flower displays this summer. I have posted a couple of photographs.


Banksy Exhibit - Graffiti art

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Last weekend I took a trip to Bristol to visit the popular Bansky exhibit that the museum has put on over the summer. (There was a two-and-a-half hour wait to get into the museum.) For those of you who do not know, Banksy is a graffiti artist, and his artwork is controversial, partly because some do not feel that graffiti is considered artwork and graffiti encourages defacing property.

While most graffiti is an eye-sore, I have seen some quite good graffiti, particularly in Italy and Spain while I have been on holiday, and Bansky's work is also quite good, and the execution of the artwork and subjects makes one think. The work is witty, and some of it has a political or social message.

Upon entering the museum, a Ronald McDonald mannequin towers above the door with make-up streaming down his eyes, a bottle of alcohol next to him, and looking as though he is about to jump. This provides a clue to what the visitor will see inside the exhibit. Inside the museum is an installation that encourages looking at food in a different way. In one cage, robotic 'chicks' shaped like nuggets 'walk' and 'peck' the cage floor, and some eggs in a nest have become omlets. Fish fillets swim in a fish bowl, and various hot dogs and sausages move about in reptile cages. In another cage is a 'leopard' sitting in a tree, moving its tail, but when approaching the front of a cage, it 'becomes' a fur coat. A room with graffiti is also a part of the exhibit. Most of the graffiti is witty and some conveys a political or social message. Some is cleverly executed with perspective.

I have posted a few pieces from the exhibit below.




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