The Cambridge (Ohio) Christmas Light Show and Victorian Figures

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I enjoy this time of year; Christmas decorations and lights. (I don't care for the cold weather, snow, and ice, but it's tolerable at least until the Christmas season has come to an end.) Cambridge (in Ohio, not the city by the same name in England) is not too far away from where my parents live, so we decided to go and see the Victorian figures (an art display on the streets in downtown Cambridge) and look at the Christmas Light Show on the Cambridge Court House. 

The Victorian figures (Dicken's Victorian Village) display are dotted up and down the main street in downtown Cambridge, and they depict 'scenes' with painted and dressed-up mannequins made of plaster. The mannequins are dressed in Victorian-style clothing, and a plaque is next to each one to tell a story or fact about Victorian England. There are about 150 of these figures, and many of the figures are often depicted in Christmas themes. Some of the scenes/figures included carollers, a family decorating a Christmas tree, a glassblower, a figure with firewood on a sled, shoppers, lamplighters, and a policeman. 

Upon walking up and down the street to see the figures, a stop at the bakery was made as well was a trip into a car showroom where there was a display of prized gingerbread houses. When it was dark enough, the light show on the facade of the Cambridge Court House began, played to the sounds of Christmas music.

I enjoyed the Christmasy feeling and the use of art and music in a public display to bring families and people together.
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