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Parading Artistic Elephants in London

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There's a charity in London that has put out over 250 elephant 'statues' in attempt to earn some money to protect elephants; they have called this 'Elephant Parade'. Each elephant is painted or sculpted differently, and each one is a beautiful work of art located around various London parks and streets; some of them are also indoors. I have been a little obsessed with locating the elephants around London (there's three of them near where I am working) and snapping photos of them. While I've been admiring them, I've noticed that others have been following the 'elephant trail' as well and interacting with them. Some of the admirers (tourists) seemed to happen to stumble upon the elephants by chance and snap group photos next to them. Judging by the reaction of others to the elephants, they certainly have put a smile on peoples' faces in London. 

The Elephant Parade is finishing at the end of this month, and nearly all of the elephants were lined up outside the Royal Chelsea Hospital. (About twenty more were situated inside a shopping centre in another part of London.) I went to take a look at the Royal Chelsea Hospital herd on Friday after work. Many other people were doing the same as me - smiles on faces while quickly snapping photos. The show is an outdoor work of art. 

While looking at the Elephant Parade website, I noticed that they had a group on Facebook. I promptly became a member and am impressed to see that the event was well-received. It's nice when someone puts a smile on faces and that it is for a good cause.


Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese

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I recommend Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson. This simple story is essentially about coping with the inevitable changes that one goes through in life, even once we get settled. The book teaches us to accept and appreciate change and to treat it as viewing new opportunities in life, including regularly reviewing our current situation so that we are not blind to change coming. I thoroughly recommend this cute and simple story for allowing readers to open their eyes. Change is something that we have all been through, and this book prepares us for accepting and embracing the inevitable to better ourselves.


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