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Celebrating Colour with Pantone®

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I am sure that most of you know Pantone®. For those who do not, Pantone® is the company that publishes a book with their defined colours, each set to specific standards of measurement of the pigments that make up the colours, for printing purposes. This is to ensure that when a company decides to print its brand, the colours always match. Pantone® devised this system of defining, and their booklet guide with its varying colour swatches is widely known and used in graphic design and printing. More on the company can be found here:

Recently, I have been noticing several trendy Pantone®-branded products in the shops. The products are solid colour with the Pantone® colour details, remiscent of their numbered colour swatches.

Pantone® has also been associating a colour for each year. The colour-of-the-year for 2011 is Honeysuckle (PANTONE 18-2120), an "uplifting" colour that encourages facing challenges and confidence, according to the company's press release:

The Pantone® colours for 2010 and the last five years are listed below:

  • 2010: PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise
  • 2009: PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa
  • 2008: PANTONE 18-3943 Blue Iris
  • 2007: PANTONE 19-1557 Chili Pepper
  • 2006: PANTONE 13-1106 Sand Dollar
  • 2005: PANTONE 15-5217 Blue Turquoise

Blue Ribbon Cupcake Bakery Websites & Logos

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A few months ago, I noted the cupcake craze. This post follows on from the cupcake craze to examine some of the best cupcake bakery websites and logos.

The primary colour scheme for cupcake websites and logos tends to be muted pink and rich brown. Some well-designed websites and creative logos are below.


Varying shades of green and gray, with a hint of muted pink, really work well. This website looks modern and classy. There's a strong use of photographs as well, and these rotate on the homepage to showcase the products.

The photography is excellent. The website is a little simple; I think they could have spiced it up a little by using the border effect as in the website below this one. The site background is a different colour on different pages (pink, blue, yellow, gray). I really like the logo too.

Despite the photo on the homepage, this website specialises in cupcakes as well. I particularly like the background swirls and the logo.

The illustrations, handwriting, and colours give this website a traditional feel with a modern twist. The website has many photos, and these rotate to show a wide selection of cupcake decoration. I love the subtle use of illustration on the website, such as in the borders and dividers. The only negative aspect (in my opinion) of the website is the 'chalkboard' left-hand navigation. This feels out of place with the rest of the site.

Good photographs and colour combination really make this simple website stand out. The turquoise patterned background is a fresh alternative to using pink and brown. 

A simple layout is all that is needed with excellent photos to sell cupcakes. I also really like the logo; the colours in the logo change depending on what page you are on. The colours go well together, and it's a nice touch.

This website has a 'magazine' feel, and I like the patterned/textured background. Little features, such as the bite out of the middle box, are also fun. Great photographs too.

I love the interactivity and design of this Flash website. It's very organic, clean, interactive, and 'fun'. They also have a nice Christmas theme.

A great colour choice of bright pink, sage green, and spring green/yellow. These colours really make the website look modern and classy. Although a simple website, it has everything you could ask for. Contact information and an ordering form on the home page, and nice photographs of the cupcakes.

This is really more of a holding page instead of a website. The pink and brown colours feature prominently, and I really like the logo and the simplicity.

You cannot go wrong with a simple design. Unfortunately, parts of the rest of the website is not as consistent. I like the 'sugar-like' rendering in the logo.

I love the colours; mint green and pink go well together. The photograph of their shop front on Goodge Street is showcases the shop as fun and vibrant, and the twisted peppermint stick illustrations break up the page nicely. I really like the header on this website.

This Flash website has some nice touches, and I like the illustrations. The 'sparkle' in the logo is a nice touch.

This clean and simple website has a few nice touches. Good photographs, a nice logo (the pink and brown theme with an italicised font), and I like the simple dotted line to separate the navigation.

Although a very simple website in terms of design, I like the logo and the catchy and cute photograph used on the home page.

I enjoy the vibrant and modern colours in the stripe in the background, and the logo is also fun and modern. The home page displays the products nicely with a good photograph.   

I like the colours in the branding (pink and purple-burgundy) and photographs on this website, which compliment the branding; the photographs rotate when the page is refreshed. The two-tone column 'magazine' layout works well at showcasing the products.



McKumsey Cupcakes: Designed by Adam McGee,

Cupcakes Take The Cake: 

Tao's Cakes:

Cups 'n' Creams: Designed by Ula Kapala,

Cupcakes by Sweet + Sour: L'Usine La Cafeteria,

Courtney's Confections:

Harlequin Cupcakes: Designed by Steve Minor,

Jules Cupcakes: Designed by Vanessa Hansford,

Black Vanilla Cupcakes: Designed by Vanessa Hansford,

Harrisburg Cupcake Cup:

Cupcake Dolly:

The Cupcake Factory:

Honey Bumbles: Designed by Karen Var,

Cupcake Bites: Designed by DesignCity,

Chef Hat Treats: Designed by dbunk,

Kara's Cupcakes:

babycakes nyc:

Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays to everyone.

A Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

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I decided to get into a winter mood tonight; there is no need to rush back home with all of the snow and a limited train service. Instead of waiting for trains and being on an overcrowded train, I decided to get into a festive frame of mind by taking a visit to Oxford Street to admire the lights and the Selfridges window shop displays. (I took a quick visit into Selfridges to see Boy George performing on a make-up counter. Seriously.)

After leaving Selfridges, I took a short walk (in the snow and cold) down to Marble Arch to Hyde Park to visit the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. Although very cold and snowy, the winter-themed entertainment (amusements, funfair rides, ice skating rink) and Christmas market was nice to visit to take in the sights and the smells (mulled wine, cooking sausages, etc). The weather added the extra 'winter wonderland' feeling.

A New Job For Christmas

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I've not had much time this month for making updates. It's the time of year for Christmas parties, socialising, and shopping. That sums up my last couple of weeks well. I've also started a new job this week; hence a new job for Christmas, as Christmas is around the corner. Starting a new job in December is good; workloads are normally a bit quieter, and there are many social events and parties. (I'm off to their Christmas party tonight, and I've got another one with friends tomorrow night.) It's all happening here, but I will try to keep this a little more up-to-date once I settle in! Of course, I miss my colleagues and clients at my last job. Happy holiday season, everyone.

Under-estimating Web Traffic: Tesco

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At times, companies under-estimate the amount of users who may potentially visit their website after marketing. This issue has happened recently with Tesco, a UK supermarket chain, during a change to their loyalty card scheme. The problem left hundreds of users unable to take advantage and to process the value of their points on their loyalty cards. The story can be read at the links below:

Christmas Card Artwork

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I've been asked to create some artwork for the Christmas card at short notice. The result of my mock-up is below. 


Firey Chili Designs

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Spicy and hot food is my favourite, and thinking about chili pepper makes my tongue tingle. Many are embracing the chili and spicy flavours in cuisine with the popularity of Mexican, Indian, and Portuguese restaurants. A little bit of spice added to dark chocolate is a good combination, and many are opting out of bland flavours in favour of the extra kick. Speciality hot sauces are popular, and some push the boundaries of heat. Chili-eating contests are held for those who can withstand the heat.

The colours associated with chili are deep red, orange, and a hint of green. (Many brands and websites symbolise the chili with flames.) Here are a few examples of hot and spicy designs and logos that will have your tongue tingling. 




Chameleon Chili Sauce: designed by Markmir (

seoul food: designed by Simo Merghich (

Chili Sason: designed by jeronimovh (

chiliconcolor: designed by BluesCue (

Julio's: designed by Steve Douglas

Homespun Chili: designed by

The jalepeno plant: designed by

Red Chili: designed by

Shirt Pepper: designed by


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