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Last summer and early autumn, I worked on a project that displays news and shares knowledge. The website can only be launched as a part of the dealing platform, so only customers who are able to log in will be able to see this website, which is known as INSIGHT. The project was developed in Adobe CQ5 CMS.

The knowledge section of the website is colour-coded depending on the category, and articles are displayed so that the user can learn the different terms. The 'news' section is the area that I developed on my own using Java, JSP, CSS, HTML, and Javascript in the Adobe CQ5 CMS platform. Simply, content editors can add news stories written by one of the analysts, and these articles are displayed and sorted. There's also a Twitter feed from the analysts and links to related areas in the 'knowledge' section. Most of the section for 'news' is automated, so this required a lot of coding to automate this and to display it as intended. The news stories are also organised by category, and there are areas that can be filtered, such as obtaining a list of all stories by author. There's also much more to it than the screenshots that I have posted.

This is one of the most exciting projects that I have worked on in a while, and I really enjoyed the mix of development in Java and translating the designs to HTML and CSS and Javascript. During my time at the company, this was the work I did for the "news and analysis" section was the most enjoyable.

The following image shows a news article. The image and first part of the text is obtained and displayed in the preview on the home page and category pages - as well as the author and the date.


The following screenshot is a section under one of the categories, and I built the navigation section under the heading, which are anchors in the current page and sibling pages and the grey box, as well as contributed to the CSS. This is a large area of the website.


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