Street Art: Otto Schade

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Otto Schade's style of street art is easy to recognise. The artist was born in Chile, but he currently lives in London and fills the streets of Shoreditch and Spitalfields with wonderful works of art. 

About a month ago, I caught sight of Otto Schade painting a wall in Ely's Yard near Brick Lane. (Last year, the same wall was painted with a tribute to the Olympics.) The butterfly has hidden imagery inside it; two symmetrical skulls can be seen.


During the Olympics, Otto Schade painted this wall with a tribute to the Olympics. This is one of his styles of painting, with the figures made up of ribbons, which remind me of rubber bands.


Another piece by Schade dipicts a figure poking an orange bubble. Another common theme in his work are orange bubbles or orbs. In addition, one of these features 'eyes' and a representation of the Thames with areas of London written on some of the bands. You can see this one in the photograph below.
A close-up of the London orb is shown below. This sticket was located just off of Brick Lane, and I've seen a few of these around.
The common orange orbs are usually depicted with a silhouette. I've posted a few of these that I have located over the past few months below. Along with these, I've included a large-scale inter-twined couple, and this can be found on the side of a pub.  It actually spans two storeys of the pub based near Great Eastern Street. 
The final image differs in style from the previous pieces, and this is a stenciled imge a baby in a police hat. 
I hope you've enjoyed seeing some artwork by this artist. Are you a fan of his work? Leave a comment.
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