Street Art: Ben Slow

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Today, I've showcased street artist Ben Slow and some of his work that I've snapped when I've visited east London. Ben Slow studied fine art at university before becoming a street artist, and most of his work depicts portraits. He lives in London, and he has created street art across the world.

The following murals are located in east London. (Some of these murals in my photographs have since been painted over.)

The mural of "Charlie Burns" commemorates a local 95-year-old man who ran a charity and who was a well-known figure, often seen on Bacon Street. The mural is painted on Bacon Street. 

Mural of "Charlie Burns" on Bacon Street off Brick Lane.

Other artwork has appeared on Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane. This is a popular spot for street art. The following mural, "The queen of Spitalfields" also commemorates a local individual - a landlady. 

The Queen of spitalfields

The queen of Spitalfields

The next piece was created by Ben Slow for C.A.L.M., an charity organisation that helps prevent young men from committing suicide. It was also located on Hanbury Street, and it was in the same location as the above mural. 

Ben Slow's artwork for CALM.

The following mural was also on Hanbury Street, opposite the previously-mentioned murals. This one depicts "painful" figures, protesters with political messages. The artwork, in black and white, was very striking and filled with emotion.



I've noticed a few graphic-design and photographic paste-ups of a young woman for "New Endings" exhibit pasted around Spitalfields this spring, but I failed to get any photographs of these. 

For more information about the artist, please visit: or

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