Street Art: Cranio, Senna, HIN, and Mo

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Street artists HIN, Senna, Mo, ALO, and Cranio have been busy collaborating on various pieces around London as well as creating their own artwork. This summer has seen some fabulous collaborations with these street artists in various locations. To read more about HIN and to see photographs of his work, view my article Street Art: HIN. To read more about Cranio and to see more of his work that he created earlier this year, view my article Street Art: Cranio. To see the earliest work featuring ALO's portraits and a write-up, read my article Street Art: ALO Artistide Loria.


Cranio arrived back in London this summer, and he has been busy creating new work on his own and in collaboration with other artists. This week, a new mural has appeared off of Brick Lane. I caught the work in progress and near completion on Wednesday, and I popped over to have a look at it early this morning. The work is located in the same place as a mural he completed earlier in the year which most recently featured work of superhero Wolverine by artist Nando Mambo. I've included several photographs of it below and one of it in progress.




Cranio's most recent work in progress on Wednesday

In addition to the mural above, Cranio also 'touched up' an older mural that he created earlier in the year off of Old Street. The sleeping giant has brightly-coloured stripes added to him.

Cranio touches up an older work of art off of Old Street

Another one of Cranio's murals that was painted earlier in the year (on Rivington Street) had recently been painted over, but Cranio reclaimed the spot with two pigs in love and a blue man with a 'thumbs up' symbol on his mobile phone.

Mural on Rivington Street

Another wall with Cranio's work on Brick Lane was recently repainted with a new character. The old mural can be seen on my previous post.

Brick Lane mural

Cranio's blue man drawn on a bus


Alex Senna arrived in London from South America earlier in the summer and created a few murals. His technique is to create black and white illustrations of people (normally couples or showing emotion) or birds. The birds are often dotted around shutters or scaffolding as tags. Although it may not include a lot of bright colour like quite a bit of the street art around, I enjoy the simplicity and cute style of street art. 

One of Senna's murals off of Brick Lane

A mural at Ely's Yard

At the end of July, Senna painted the four panels across from the Village Underground. I believe that this was the first piece that I saw from the artist. The fourth panel included the name of the artist, but this was replaced in several days with another panel. I have included photographs below, including close-ups of the work and the work in progress with Senna standing in the foreground. 

The first panel contains a newspaper headline: "It's a Girl!" than a couple are reading. These murals were painted just before the royal baby was born, so this could be a tribute to the baby. (Remember that we were not aware of the baby's gender at that time.)

Four panels across from the Village Underground

Senna's common tag, the bird, on a shutter on Brick Lane.

Old Street

Petticoat Lane Market 



HIN (Street Art: HIN) has added a few pieces around the city later in the summer, which I have not posted since the entry I posted about the artist.   These were spotted around various areas in east London.  

Various artwork from HIN

Another hulla-hooping figure


Bethnal Green Road and the area next to it has been the focus of many collaborations by street artists. A part of scaffolding on the Brick Lane end of the road that origiginally had work from ALO for some time now has recently been painted on by Senna, Cranio, and HIN. 


A close-up of the work on the scaffolding

A few doors down is the Fun Factory, and Cranio painted one of his blue men on the window. HIN also contributed by sticking several of his small creations around the shop front. Work by ALO and street artist 616 also featue, but these will be covered in another post. (Keep checking back for more information and artwork from 616.) 

Cranio advertises on the glass window of the Fun Factory

hin-funfactory.jpgHIN advertises on Fun Factory, Bethnal Green Road

Around the corner and behind the Fun Factory shop are additional street art pieces that have recently appeared. These are by HIN, Cranio, and a street artist known as Mo. I have not covered much of Mo's work yet, but he paints a lot of monkey heads. These are normally tagged on the tops of buildings. I have an article coming, which you could keep checking back for. Recently, Mo and Cranio collaborated on a piece with Cranio's blue man painting Mo's monkey tag.

Cranio and Mo

Near to the above artwork, Cranio, HIN and Mo have been having fun with artwork painted on the upper walls and roof area off Bethnal Green Road.

Artwork by Cranio, Mo, and HIN

Cranio and  Senna collaborated on sleeping poses near East India station. I have not been to see these pieces yet, but they look impressive.


A shutter was painted on Petticoat Lane (Wentworth Street). It features Cranio's blue man playing on a gaming device and Senna's man reading a paper on a bench. I love this collaboration of the two different styles.

Cranio and Senna

Senna and Cranio and HIN collaborated on a piece off of Brick Lane, but it was immediately buffed over by the council (for being offensive) before I got a photograph of it. The work featured heads of not-well-liked political leaders (a common subject of HIN's) on Cranio's blue man bodies (one strapped with bombs) with a few of Senna's birds. I have a photograph of the work before and after it was painted over by the council. The work has since had new cartoon-like heads painted on it and a mini-protest about the destruction of the artwork. Admitedly, I thought that the heads had been stolen until I read that they had been painted over. While this is not any different from HIN's previous work with similar subjects, it is odd to think that this one was painted over while others survived the censorship.

HIN and Senna

Have you seen any of these pieces or know where there's more? Let me know and leave a message.

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