Street Art: Fanapakan Horror Crew

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Fanapakan Horror Crew have painted on walls in a courtyard off of Brick Lane earlier this summer. They painted these walls a year ago with subjects inspired by balloons, such as a balloon crown for the Diamond Jubilee. Their recent work consists of Liquorice All-Sorts characters: a dog and a man drinking from a bottle.





Last year, their work featured a balloon dog and a balloon crown with flowers super-imposed on the Union Jack. The work was created for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Balloon designs


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Thanks for the write up. This was some of my old work . All mine apart from the face at the bottom. My artist name is fanakapan . You can find me under that name on Instagram . I add a hc to my work. That's the crew tag. A few of us write for horror crew . Punk/ hip hop. Skateboarders from the south west uk . Sorry I've only just stumbled upon this . Cheers

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