FF Chartwell, a font for creating graphs

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FF Chartwell is a font family that can be used to create different types of visual graphs and diagrams for designers to use. The font family contains the following, each for a different type of graph, such as a bar graph or a pie chart:

  • Chartwell Bars 
  • Chartwell Bars Vertical 
  • Chartwell Lines
  • Chartwell Pies
  • Chartwell Radar
  • Chartwell Rings
  • Chartwell Rose

The designer can create the graphs by using one of the programs in the Adobe Creative Suite, such as Fireworks. Essentially, the designer creates a textbox with the font family and adds a string of values with their colours attached to each value in order to create the graph. A tutorial is included on the following page fron FontFont: https://www.fontfont.com/how-to-use-ff-chartwell 

Since the end of last year, this font has been made for use on websites. However, it is not used as a font. Instead, it has been transferred into Javascript libraries, and a tutorial on the website above allows the developer to use the Chartwell Radar family in order to test how it works. (Note that it does not work on IE8.)


I am not sure that I would use it for the web, but FF Chartwell looks like it could save time spent in design. If you have used this font for the web, let me know how you found it.

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