Sculpture in the City 2013

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The City of London has several sculptures at the moment. These sculptures interact with the buildings and the environment around them and each holds its own importance. Some of these have been built by well-known and iconic sculptures. Each one brings the city to life.

One of the most iconic pieces of art, reproducd on a large scale, spells out the word "Love". This sculpture is located on Bishopsgate.

Robert Indiana: Love

Numbers held meaning for the artist of the iconic "Love" sculpture, Robert Indiana. These numbers are located near Leadenhall Building and are in the shadow of the Lloyds Building. I like to name this one "fun with numbers" as I was taking my own artistic photographs with friends around the numbers.

Robert Indiana: NUMBERS

These three sculptures of prehistoric creatures (dinosaurs) dominate the area outside the Gherkin. They are made of steel and are the first outdoor project from artists Jake and Dinos Chapman. 

Jake & Dinos Chapman: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This shiny globe, located near the Gherkin, is comprised of small metallic parts that and meaningless on their own, but they make up the whole. 

Ryan Gander: More Really Shiny Things That Don't Mean Anything

Twenty-Four Hour Flag is a work of art comprising of red kitchen chairs placed on the top of a building. The artist encourages people to look up to the sky in the city. String Quartet is a series of steel ribbons that break through the concrete near the site of the Cheesegrator; these are influenced by light and shadow.

Richard Wentworth: Twenty-Four Hour Flag; Shirezeh Houshiary: String Quartet

These two human-like iron figures dominate the pavement near the new Cheesegrator building. They seem to be in flow with the flow of humans walking on the pavement. The human-like figures are angled/leaning.

Antony Gormley: Parallel Field

This skeleton of a park bench demonstrates urban decay and loss, which is a popular theme for artist Keith Coventry. In addition to the bench, Mare Street, E8 is the bronze cast of the small trunk of a sapling growing out of concrete, that has been vandalised. These bronze casts are located side-by-side. 

Keith Coventry: Mare Street, E8 and Bench

These sculptures will be on display until May 2014.

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