Rinkoff Bakeries, London

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I made a visit to Rinkoff Bakeries toward the end of November. Rinkoff Bakeries is one of London's best independent bakeries; they have been nominated for awards, including the BBC Good Food award for London's Best Bakery in 2014. 

The company started in 1911 by Ukraine immigrant Hyman Rinkoff. He set up shop in Montague Street in east London and then in Jubilee Street (off Whitechapel Road), where their bakery is still located. Today, it is located in an unassuming location behind/between blocks of flats with a cafe attached to the bakery. There's a small cafe on location, and their products can be sold here. The staff were friendly and seemed to chat to the locals here, and they let me take a few photographs.


The crodough (a cross between a croissant and a doughnut) is one of their best-selling products and one of their specialities. A couple of years ago, I visited their small cafe on Vallance Road (off Whitechapel Road and about a 7-minute walk from Brick Lane), and I tried the custard crodough. I'm miffed by the phase, though, and they did not win me over. I prefer my doughnuts and croissants to be separate, I guess! They are popular items, so they do have their fans.


Rinkoff Bakery is the last of several Jewish bakeries that were set up in the east end of London, which was a popular area with the Jewish community. Bagels were popular with the predominate Jewish community in the 1960s-1970s, and the bakery has changed direction and now sells wholesale to companies (1). 


After visiting their bakery on Jubilee Street, I noticed that the pastries and muffins are the same ones that my current workplace buys in bulk for free Friday pastries. (The chocolate and almond croissants are my personal favourite of the pastries and also the most popular with colleagues.)


Cupcakes were also good! I wish I had gotten the above photograph before they took out the cupcake that I asked to buy. :)

Rinkoff Bakeries has a small cafe on Vallance Road in east London, but it is not as nice as their main cafe. The main cafe is located at the following address:

222-226 Jubilee Street
E1 3BS

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8-4
Saturday: closed
Sunday: 8-3

1) Jewish bakery evolves cater east London's new clientele. http://www.religionnews.com/2014/01/24/jewish-bakery-evolves-cater-east-londons-new-clientele/ [January 24, 2014].

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