Street Art: Crisp

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Street artist Crisp, originally from Australia, is not a stranger to London. He's currently based in Colombia, but he visited London recently and pasted up some tribal masks in east London. I managed to photograph several of these on my various walks around east London. Masks do seem to be a popular subject in street art in the past year; French street artist Gregos pasted some masks up early last year, and Yazz did the same at the end of the summer.


Apologies for the poor photographs of the artwork below. I only had my mobile phone with me on the days that I walked around to take the photographs as my standard compact camera has fluff inside the lens. The image above is taken with my Leica, but it's a little too large to lug about on a daily basis.  


Crisp's masks are tribal-inspired with black line patterns and bright colours. 

I recognised some of his stencil work from a few years ago now, which normally feature social and/or political messages. If I am correct, I don't think the artist produced any art in London since 2012.

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