Lunch at MEATmission

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A couple of months ago, I paid a visit to MEATmission near Hoxton Square. I have wanted to visit MEATmission for awhile as I had heard good things about its related restaurant (MEATliquor), so I made a point of visiting before my last day of working in London. Hoxton Square was not too far to walk to from where I worked, so I made sure that I paid a visit. I did not have my camera with me, so I used my mobile phone to get some photographs. The menu contains a large selection of cocktails. I asked for the fruitiest cocktail, and the "Summer of Love" was recommended to me. It is made of Voda, lemon juice, grape, and passion fruit juice. 


Before I was seated and ordered the cocktail, though, I located MEATmission off of a quiet square behind the main Hoxton Square. I think that if you did not realise it was there, you would easily mistake it for something else. It really does not look like a restaurant from the outside. Actually, the building is a converted church. 


Upon walking in, the bar is straight ahead. The restaurant was quiet, and the room was dark but with a quirky style and bright colours and a lot of red. Next to the bar is a photo booth. This photo booth would be great to go in with friends and get a lot of silly photographs. I was by myself, however, so I didn't use the booth! The photo booth reminded me of a confessional, I guess, in going with the 'church' theme.


I was shown my seat and admired the stained glass and silly MEATmission quotations hung around the restaurant.


The menu at MEATmission is probably best described as a burger joint with American food and drinks on offer. It contains items, such as the 'Dead Hippie (TM)' burger, Monkey Fingers (chicken strips), macaroni and cheese, and vegetarian burgers. Drinks include a selection of shakes and floats (ice cream mixed with Cola or root beer). Going with the church theme, the menu reads that it is "food for the soul and unholy spirits". 


I decided to try a 'Hoxton Fizz' cocktail, based on the area's namesake. The cocktail is made from Vodka, pear and lemon juice topped with a strawberry.


I ordered the "Dirty Chicken" burger and fries to eat, and the chicken burger was one of the best that I have ever had. The meat was very juicy, and everything tasted wonderful.


I cannot wait to visit MEATmission again and also check out the other restaurants in the chain. 

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