Otto Schade's New Street Art (Meerkats, Portraits, & More) in East London

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Street Artist Otto Schade has been busy earlier this year with some new artwork painted on various walls in east London. Otto Schade was born in Chile, but he currently lives in London, so there's usually new artwork from him in the city. The end of last year and beginning of this year brought some new pieces from the artist, which I've included below. For more information and images, see my post Street Art: Otto Schade. Last year's work can be seen here, and some of his work with other artists can be seen here.


The artist works in two unique styles. One style is the tape/ribbon effect, which is sometimes interlaced with text. The newest piece by Otto Schade is on Brick Lane, and it uses this style. It features a "Love Is..." red meerkat with the names of cities forming some of the ribbons.


A full-sized photograph of the image is above.


The artist second trademark style features a silhouette on a black background inside a circular shape. Orange-yellow is the most common colour of the circle, but purple is also used but is less common. The silhouettes are simple and raise a political or social message. One example is of a mother carrying a baby and a young child as seen through the viewfinder of a weapon.


Another message is a group of children shooting slingshots at helicopters. This was a popular piece as it appeared in two different locations.



A different take on the image shows children with bows and arrows, spears, and a rifle aiming at a clown/jester figure.


Earlier this year, I also captured the following pieces using the ribbon/tape effect, but this time, they look like earthworms. The following portrait was painted near Kingsland Road.


Obama graced the same space before him.


One of the most recent is a butterfly figure of a woman, which is also a popular subject of the artist. Ely's Yard is one area where a lot of his work features. 


Keep an eye out for more of Otto Schades work in London, and let me know if you see anything.

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