Eating Out (Champagne!) at Bob Bob Ricard, London

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Going to Bob Bob Ricard is not the obvious choice to celebrate Independence Day, but that's where I went this year. I have been wanting to visit the restaurant for awhile, and we planned a few months ago to go to London this weekend for another event with the bloke's brother. It ended up being an excellent choice, and the restaurant was not too busy at all.

Bob Bob Ricard is located in Soho and is a stone's throw from Carnaby Street and a short stroll from Piccadilly Circus. 

The interior's decor is art deco in style. There are two rooms decorated in different art deco styles - the blue room and the red room.

The restaurant's dining area is all booths, and each booth has a 'Press for Champagne' button. Apparently, this restaurant is famous for pouring more champagne than any other in London, and pushing that button is quite addictive. Pushing the button lights up the table number above the bar at the back of the room.

Of course, we had to press the button and ask for champagne. We ended up with a bottle as this worked out better in terms of cost.

And actually, we ended up having champagne instead of Prosecco. Until we polished off the bottle. Then we pressed the button again and ordered the cheaper Prosecco.

We would have liked to have tried the cocktails as well, but we did not try them this time as we shared two bottles of bubbly between three of us.

To start, we ordered a selection of bread to share. This was our breakfast as we had spent the morning getting ready, packing, and traveling to London. The bread was slightly warm and fresh, and we had a selection of white and brown with good-quality butter.

The food at Bob Bob Ricard is Russian and British in influence. I had the crispy chicken kiev, which was stuffed with sweetcorn mousse and tarragon and served with cranberry and red wine sauce. This tasted lovely, and the corn mousse was the most delicious.

The bloke ordered panfried fillet of seabass, which came on a bed of beans and tomato and salad.

And last but not least, the bloke's brother ordered Filet Mignon Rossini. This consisted of 28-day aged Scottish beef, foe gras, and confit apple. It was served with truffle gravy.

Sides were ordered separately, and we shared the following: crushed minted peas, summer greens (kale and spinach), and the blokes each had a portion of chips that I managed to nab a few of. The peas were nice, but I wish I had followed what I was going to order instead (the corn), but was told my  chicken had some already. I could have done with a lot more as it was that good.

After our mains, we placed the orders for the dessert. The bloke had a bowl of sorbets with Vodka. 

Bloke's brother had the dulce de leche creme brulee, which was served with orange drizzle and carmelised orange segments on the top. I had a bite of this, and it was delicious.

The signature dessert dish is called "BBR Signature Chocolate Glory", and it arrived in a golden ball of glory, surrounded by powdered gold. 

The waitress started to pour a warm chocolate sauce over it, which started to melt away the golden chocolate ball.

It started to break over, revealing the treasures inside. 

Inside the dessert is chocolate mousse, brownie, berries, and passionfruit and orange jellies. The dessert was not as rich or sweet as I thought that it would be, but it hit the spot. It is actually a light dessert.

We enjoyed our meals. Have you been to Bob Bob Ricard yet?

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