By the Sea, Quay for My Car - MINI at Poole Quay

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Everyone loves seeing MINI cars. I used to go to many MINI events (in my own car with friends) until I had to start commuting to London. This year, I've gotten a little back into it as I do not have the commute, and I managed to do one event in the winter at Brooklands MINI Action Day. One of the summer events is taking the MINIs to Poole Quay (Dorset, England) to park them up, and this is an organised event. In fact, this event used to be once a month during the summer months (three times a year). The MINI day is only once a year now, but they do have other different types of car on the other Fridays. Every Friday during the summer is a different car. I have not been to this event for several years now, so this year was a little bit of a treat.

Poole has an attractive seafront where you can buy fish and chips, get a drink at the pub, or go shopping. During the car events, the public can look at the cars, and here always seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for the MINI. 

Here are a few more photographs of my day. The day was sunny, but the cloud came over when we arrived in Poole. There were not as many MINIs this year as I remember from the past events. I remember that there were many more cars, and our own circle of friends with MINIs was much larger then. We'd meet in one of the car parks and would take up half of it with our cars while we waited to go to the seafront.

We met up with some friends that we have not seen in ages and went to the Italian restaurant. I had pizza, followed by Key Lime pie. 

I got some more photographs around the quay as it started to grow dark. There are fireworks on the beach in the later summer months, but this week was too early for them. I believe that they start at the end of this month. After one of the MINI Poole Quay events several years ago, a group of us watched the fireworks on the beach.

While we were standing around and talking, we noticed some very strange cloud formations. I'd never seen anything like them before. I believe they are known as Mammatus Clouds and could bring bad storms, though we did not have any bad weather that day or the day after.

The event 'Quay For My Car' takes place in Poole every Friday afternoon/evening in summer. Each evening is a different type of car and can include sports cars, convertibles, Porsches, Italian cars, American cars, Volkswagens, Lotus cars, and British cars.

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