Street Art: Stinkfish, Acaro & Mazatl

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This month has been popular with Mexican street artists in London due to an exhibition at Hoxton Gallery. Several days ago, I already covered a collaboration with artists Mazatl and Fusca in Shoreditch. Mazatl also collaborated with artists Stinkfish and Acaro. Stinkfish appears to have been in London for a little while as quite a few of his colourful portraits have appeared over the summer.


Stinkfish's style of portraits are easy to identify as the faces are bright yellow with the rest of the body painted black, signifying that the portraits are important. Bright geometric lines of colour are used around the portraits. Stinkfish was born in Mexico but lives in Columbia, and the subjects of his portraits are strangers that he photographs (without them knowing) while traveling. 


His largest work in London is located in Bethnal Green. I was able to photograph the nearly-finished piece, without Mazatl's contribution to it (see below). The finished piece is above.


Mazatl, who I covered in a previous post, added a snake to the portrait. This is a stunning collaboration with the high-level detail of the snake and its scales to the colourful boy's portrait and geometric shapes around the figures.


I captured a few of Stinkfish's artwork around London, although there's a lot more to be seen.




Another collaboration is between Acaro and Mazatl, and the black and white mural below appeared on Hackney Road. The fox is by Mazatl and is similar to the one painted in the previous post. Acaro is another of the Mexican artists who is exhibiting at Hoxton Gallery. He uses black and white paint, and animals and animal skeletons are a favourite subject. His work reminds me of artist ROA, whose work I covered here. He painted a skull and bird-skull creature in the collaboration.




In addition to the collaboration, Acaro also painted his own mural in Shoreditch on scaffolding. It features a bird with a skull-head, which seems to be a popular subject for the artist.



Mazatl also pasted paste-ups in London, and the below one features a lying buck with a couple of deer inside it.


London was lucky to see some very good new artwork by these artists, and I hope that they will soon return to paint more artwork in the city.

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