Little FEAST at Shepherd's Bush & 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

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In advance, I will just add that this post does NOT contain any spoilers. In my previous posts (Secret Cinema Star Wars, Secret Cinema Cantina, and Star Wars Street Art), I have discussed that I am a big fan of the original films and that I was looking forward to seeing the new film when it is released. Well, midnight on Thursday (Wednesday night) was the earliest that audiences in the UK could see it, so I went to see it. Before the film, we turned up at Little FEAST in Shepherd's Bush Market for street food.


Little Feast in Shepherd's Bush Market has set up a winter street food market and bar with heated seating. The atmosphere is described as a Scandanavian forest with pine trees, lights, and wooden tables and seating. It is open daily from Wednesdays to Sundays until the 23rd of December. I headed for the bar and received two of the winter warmer cocktails, which included mulled apple juice and spices and a shot of rum.


I had a few options to try, but my choice option (Redneck Smokehouse) was closed when I visited. I opted for Poptata, street food in the shape of chips with various toppings. I had the cheddar grated on top and rosemary. The chips were delicious. For the main, I had a turkey burger from 'Cheeky Burger', which was not really to my liking. This was finished off with waffles from 'Butter & Scotch'. I had the Canadian waffle, which was served with syrup (but it tasted like carmel instead of Canadian maple syrup) and whipped cream. 


After I finished up, I headed over to the Wetherspoons bar next to the cinema. Little Feast closes at 11:00, and I had about an hour before the film, which I knew thirty minutes of the time would be spent queueing for popcorn and drinks. We bought a box of popcorn and a drink and two novelty 'Star Wars' straws, featuring the new droid character BB-8.

I will not spoil the film, but I left the cinema feeling underwhelmed by the experience of the film for a variety of reasons. Yes, there were some good points to the film, and I think that they are building up to better stories going forward with a range of new characters. I cannot say anything other than that, and I did visit with an open mind after learning my disappointment after seeing "The Phantom Menance" nearly fifteen years ago. Overall, the film has just been released and is still generating interest and hype, and the majority of reviews from others have been positive. Let's see what people think in a few years and after the hype has died down.

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