Recent Street Art by Zabou

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French street artist Zabou has recently painted several more walls in London, and some of these replace the artist's previous works. She is in town for the all-female art exhibition 'XX: A Moment in Time' at Saatchi Galleries, and I have already covered some work by artists ELLE and Marina Zumi. Many more female street artists are exhibiting, and I've still got more photographs to post of the excitement that has been happening to London's walls this month. It's already been quite a busy year with street art this year.

The last time I covered Zabou's work was at the end of last year when I started to see a lot more work by the artist throughout the year; you can see the artwork here. 


My favourite of the artist's new pieces is the one above. It features two children with paint on their faces in Native American fashion. It replaces an earlier piece with the same subject that you can see in my previous post about the artist here.


Next, the wall between Columbia Road and Hackney Road (Ion Square) was repainted with a new mural of a woman with roses. It's already been damaged, and the previous excellent piece (which I preferred) was tagged over a little while ago. It's a shame that this one has also been damged so soon.


This lady seems to peek out of a shutter on Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane.


A lady sticking her tongue out appears on Brick Lane. There's also another Zabou piece on Brick Lane a few doors down from this one.


The above image, which looks like it depicts a Christian religious symbol with a spray can abd paint brush, is painted on Commercial Road.



Last (but not least) is this colourful couple on Hackney Road with the quote "No future. But a beautiful present." This could represent a lot of things, but it probably represents how most people are getting priced out of London and out of the area and it's more difficult to live, but the people in power are not doing anything about the future except living in the present and living for themselves as there's so much greed and selfishness. At least, that's what I read into it. I think it could probably mean a lot of different things to different people. The above piece is also a replacement wall for another piece covered here, which was tagged over eventually.

I really enjoy seeing Zabou's work in London as her witty interpretations always brings a smile.

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