Street Art Round-up: Winter 2015-2016

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I've not posted many street art posts recently as I've been busy with other areas at the moment, but I have made a couple of trips to east London since the beginning of January, and I thought that it was due time to include some good street art in a round-up on my blog. Hopefully, I will be able to keep more up-to-date with the street art scene this year, but it's not as easy as it was before last year when I was working with the street art on my doorstep. I post it because I enjoy seeing it and street art is only around for a limited time before it is replaced. I also love learning about the artists and identifying their work.



Olivier Roubieu is a French artist currently based in London. He has been painting a series of portraits with a splash of paint colour on their faces. According to the artist, the splash of colour adds another dimension to the painting. I also saw some of the artist's work at last summer's Bristol Upfest, covered here.


Hunto is an Italian artist who continues to paint in London regularly. His work is abstract and often features amourous people. Additional work by the artist can be seen in my post here



Size92 and Mask collaborated on the blue and purple piece and the black and white pieces above. 


NoMoreLies created this postal stamp with endangered species. This is a part in their series, but I could not locate any additional work from them in London. This piece highlights the cave bear.


Neist and Asebueno are the artists who painted the high-profile wall on Hanbusy Street recently. The work is a grafitti-style and a slightly different take on what is normally painted on the wall.


Otto Schade is always a firm favourite and adds a lot to London's streets. For more of the artist's work, see my post here. Someone decided to turn the artwork into a peace symbol, which breaks the message a little bit. The message displays a never-ending story about war or killing and how it loops back to the beginning. The artist always uses the circle with typically orange or purple to get his political and social messages across.


Squirl painted these whimsical robotic creatures. The artist paints often in London, and I've covered some of the work previously here.


I'm not sure who created this little sculpture, which reminds me of the doctors from the black plague.


Annatomix painted the above running horse. I saw the artist at work during Upfest in Bristol last summer (click to see my coverage of the work here). She paints animals using shapes, and they end up looking like oragami creations.


Waleska painted the above mural near Old Street, and it is titled "spreading the love".


Anna Laurini, an artist who studied art in London, has spent the past three years covering London in colourful positive messages and street art. I originally covered her work when she started to paint the streets back in 2013, and you can read more about her here. The work on the shutter reads "live fully, love fully".


Richard Wilson's tribute to singer Josh Milan is painted above.






The above works are by Artista. I love her cute and colourful work. She paints a lot of abstract and floral symbols but has recently expanded to create toast with legs and bottles with legs. I have covered her work previously here.


Giusi Tomasello has been busy so far this year. This is her second mural on Blackall Street; a few weeks ago, she painted in a paint jam with an all-female group of street artists. I covered her work in that paint jam here. This time, she pays tribute to David Bowie.


Gary Alford created the above murals; he is an artist from Margate.


Kapesex and Bismer One created the above mural. I couldn't capture the whole mural as it covers several parts of scaffolding on Blackall Street.


Float and Pang collaborated on the above mural. The most recent mural that Pang collaborated with was one with Nagel on Hanbury Street, which I covered here.


Mutiny uses street art to draw attention to endanged species, and this mural draws attention to the golden-shouldered parrot. The artist painted another mural in the same spot earlier in January, which I covered here.




PrefID has painted in this area of London before, and his pieces are fun because they form a phrase or a couple of words that you need to spend time trying to make out in two-dimension. This one says "say hi from me". The colours and style of the text helps to pick it apart.


Greek street artist SER has painted in London before, and this recent and colourful piece appeared a few days ago. I have previously covered a different style of work by the artist before, which you can read about here.


Saturno The Creator created the above piece.


Zina painted the above piece, which spells out "recognize".


Elno was another female artist who painted in the all-female Blackall Street paint jam in January, covered in my post.


In addition to the above, Rioter painted a new mural after her contribution in January.


I came across Jim Vision finishing a new mural in the location where he had previously painted (but had not changed for a long while). London's streets have seen a lot of his work over the past several years.


London Gdansk painted the above graphical lines, which reminds me a little of the technique that Dan Kitchener uses for his city scenes.


Dave the Chimp painted the above mural on the Village Underground Wall. I walked by when it was in its very early stages of conception. The artist highlights the importance of education, particularly in Iran where certain groups of people do not have equal access to education. 


Tizer, who often paints a more urban and grafitti style in London, painted this birthday tribute. I've previously covered some of Tizer's work here.


The work above is a collaboration between Artista, who I covered above, and Attai. 


Attai paints bird houses, and I covered the artist's work previously. The artist has painted quite a lot in London over the past year.

Rolling People




Neoh is well-known for painting ballerinas. I've previously covered his work here

The below works were taken over the course of last year, and I've liked them enough to include them here.

The Simpsons in Shoreditch

John Lennon 

El Jerrino

Rich Mix




Mark Airbourne

Leo el Duende

I was keen to see the recent Donald Trump artwork by Furia (whose work I previously covered here), but that has been painted over now.

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