New Chrome Street Art by Fanakapan

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Fanakapan is a street artist who was busy painting in London last year, and last year's subject was all about the silver foil balloons. (One of these foil balloons can be seen at the bottom of this post, and this foil "7" balloon was located near Cambridge Heath station a couple of weeks ago and may still be there.) I covered his work here with the "STAR" balloons off Brick Lane, and he also created some large murals and collaborated with Cranio. This year, the artist seems to be trying out a new style of 'chrome' street art.


It features a chrome baseball cap, sunglasses, headphones, spray paint mask, and can of spray paint. A blue 'smoke' or haze adds an extra dimension to the piece.


I enjoyed the foil balloons last year, but I overheard the artist say that he was tired of working on them, so I assume that he's trying out these new styles. The above piece replaces the "STAR" balloons, which miraculously lasted for a few months. I'm looking forward to seeing more work by Fanakapan in London.


The "number 7" balloon is from the artist's previous style in the shape of silver foil balloons.

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