Where can I get 'Rainbow Bagels' in London?

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Take a back seat, cronuts. A new pastry has hit the streets. Similar to the other new pastry obsessions, the rainbow bagel started its life in New York. The rainbow bagel was created in Brooklyn at the end of last year, and cream cheese with funfetti or cotton candy (candy floss to my British readers) are the fillings of choice. The craze was started by Scot Rossillo who created red, white, and blue bagels for France after attacks at the end of last year.


These beautiful bagels take longer to make than their standard counter-parts, so they are more expensive. I bought one at Rinkoff Bakeries, which is located in Whitechapel and is one of London's oldest bakeries. I wrote about my visit to their bakery previously. 


I decided to cut my bagel in half and lightly toast it in the toaster. After toasting it, I took one half and smeared it with chocolate peanut butter. On the other half, I put marshmallow fluff. It was nearly like a S'mores but without the graham cracker/biscuit base. The bagel itself tasted lighter than a standard bagel, which I'd describe as tasting a little more savoury.


In addition to the bagels, I took a few photographs in their bakery/cafe. They have so many delicious-looking products.




Have you tried a rainbow bagels yet? If you do want to try, visit their cafe/bakery on Jubilee Street near Whitechapel Road or their smaller cafe on Vallance Road, not far from Brick Lane. It's one of London's oldest bakeries and started in 1911; to check their hours, visit their website at http://www.rinkoffbakery.co.uk.

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