Sculpture in the City 2016

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Sculpture in the City 2016 is a public sculpture trail around the City of London's Square Mile. This is the sixth year of the public art event, and there are many stunning new pieces on display this year. The artwork featured is from well-known and upcoming artists. For previous posts about past Sculptue in the City trails, see Sculpture in the City 2015Sculpture in the City 2014 and Sculpture in the City 2013.


Ajar - Gavin Turk
This sculpture of a doorframe with a door open ajar is a reference of the painting 'La Victoire' by Rene Magritte. The door represents a gateway through the imagination and is meant to be interacted with and to imagine possibilities. It reminded me of a doorway with a secret world on the other side, such as the wardrobe in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" books.


Fire Walker - William Kentridge and Gerhard Marz
This sculpture is actually formed out of several different frames pieces together, and it takes the shape of a woman when examined at a certain angle. The figure represents market workers, and the 'fire walkers' are the ones selling coal to the vendors.


Florian / Kevin - Sarah Lucas
These bronze giant marrows symbolise growth and the harvest festivals in the country. The sculptures have been polished to appear gold and show these organic figures in the unusual city location.  


Cadenetas - Lizi Sánchez
Lizi Sánchez creates paper chains using packaging and building materials to form the brightly-coloured rings. The art references more traditional styles of handmade decorations but places these in the environment as abstract sculptures that are waiting to be found if the viewer looks in the right place. Many of these small paper chains were discovered around the City.


Sunrise. east. July / Sunrise. wast. October - Ugp Rondinone
Twelve of these monolithic silver masks, names for each month, exist. The sculptures are made of bronze but plated in silver. They two masks appear cartoonish with their big grins. This makes them seem a little more human and likeable.


Falling into Virtual Reality - Recycle Group
This collective focuses on what our generation will leave behind for future generations and what will be discovered when we are gone. The artwork created is created out of recyclable materials and ideals. The subject of this art is a person falling into a virtual world while holding onto a mobile phone.   


Broken Pillar #12 - Shan Hur 
This sculpture was also on display last year. The artist incorporates discovered objects into the pillars. The objects are usually relevant to the location where the sculpture is placed. This sculpture features a pillar that has been broken open in one area to reveal a beautiful vase with a flower design.


Axis Mundi - Jürgen Partenheimer
These bright blue bronze cubes are stacked vertically and represent a spirally upward axis that lifts into heaven. This sculpture is meant to be observed spiritually, noting the energy and upward structure.


Of Saints and Sailors - Benedetto Pietromarchi
The artist joined a group of Filipino men on a transatlantic journey on a cargo ship. During the journey, he modelled each of the faces of the sailors out of clay. The busts were placed onto pedestals adjoined with chains and other metal pieces, making the figures appear almost like they are part machine. 


Solar|Relay - Petroc Sesti
The artist has previously collaborated with NASA and used footage from the SOHO space probe. The video shows the sun and its beauty.


Idee di pietra 1373 Kg di luce - Giuseppe Penone
This bronze tree holds several large boulders in its branches. The boulders appear as if they could fall at any moment, and the viewer questions how they got there. Did the tree grow around them and lift them up?


Magic Lantern Small  - Mat Collishaw
The Victoria and Albert Museum has a special installation from this artist in the winter of 2010, and this featured a large-scale effect of moths fluttering on the street below an oversized lantern. This is a smaller lantern, and inside, the insects can be seen in flight against a bulb.


Laura - Jaume Plensa
This is an ongoing series of portraits, and this sculpture is of a young girl. The image of the girl appears to be dreaming and involves being caught in a moment of time.  The perception of the sculpture is unique. It almost looks surreal as the scupture appears to be a flat image, but it can be viewed at other angles to see effects of perception.


Centaurus/Camelopardalis - Michael Lyons
These sculptures are a part of an ongoing series based on stars and constellations. These pieces of metal were discovered and then transformed into new structures, sometimes many times before the artist was happy with the result.


The Orientalist - Huma Bhabha
This bronze sculpture resembles a regal figure sitting on a throne. Despite the regal appearnce of the seated figure, the frame of the limbs look almost skeletal. The figure seems to suggest that the figure is only human.


Aurora - Anthony Caro
This sculpture was created from a floating buoy that was being scrapped. The two rounded figures were modelled to look like waves, and the artist struggled to pick the colour before being suggested to use a bright red.


Untitled - Enrico David
The artist created a surrealist bronze sculpture that depicts a head on top of a thin and nail-like stalk. The sculpture leans against a wall with the head propped up uncomfortably against it. This was a little difficult to look at but memorable at the same time. At first glance, it simply appears like a post propped against a wall.

I always enjoy seeing what is on offer for Sculpture in the City and hunting down the artworks. I must say that this year's line up is, without a doubt, my favourite so far. The sculptures will be on display until May, so see them when you get the chance.

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