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June was an interesting month and a month that I am actually glad to see the end of now. June was a celebration of my birthday and the Queen's official birthday on the same weekend; this meant that it was super busy. I've felt exhausted a lot of the month and it's as if I have not had the chance to catch up and take a break. Many have also been focused on the European Cup (football). In addition, we learned that a week ago, the United Kingdom (as a whole) voted to leave the European Union. This started a spiral effect of negativity, which I have witnessed first hand on the day of the results and in the aftermath. It shows a nation divided, and this is not good. 


I don't care how people voted because we're all in this together. I think that some things needed to change, but the country still is in Europe and has to play a part due to its geography. What I did not like was hearing people being accused of being 'racist' or 'uneducated' due to the way that they voted and labelling everyone who voted a particular way with a word and lack of research or understanding of what they voted for. I know many people were undecided because of all of the political propaganda surrounding the issue, and many people I know (who voted for either 'remain' or 'leave') did their research. They are not uneducated, ignorant, irrational, nor racist people. As you may know, I do not have a lot of time as I keep a busy life, so I only associate with certain people and do not have time for people who are intolerant nor uneducated. (And 'uneducated' does not mean a degree or a lot of education; it simply means that someone is interested in the world around them and knows how to make decisions.)

I also don't agree with 'punishing' certain countries in the European Union. Germany gets too much bad press based on its history, and the people claiming that 'Germany needs to pay' is absolutely wrong. These people need to read up on their history. In fact, crippling Germany with so many sanctions after World War I was one reason why people were fooled by a charismatic leader who offset this blame and went on to start another war. I suggest these people read up on why World War I began, too. For what it's worth, I think that (as a nation), the Germans do work hard and they are efficient. I've heard both 'leave' and 'remain' sides blaming Germany. Boo.

I think less of the people who got worked up and started to brandish around harsh terms for everyone who voted a particular way. Last Friday, I lost respect for some people who were brandishing about these labels in a negative and unproductive way. It was unprofessional. In my view, what I witnessed was equivelant to the bullies that have come out to verbally or physically attack other people over the course of the week (or even prior to this political shambles). I don't think that anyone should be bullied for their views (within reason), their religion, their gender, their appearance, or for any other reason. Every person is different, and that is what makes this world unique. 

I am very sad to hear about the horrible stories where some people have been bullied and told to "go back home" and singled out. This is unacceptable. Everyone who entered the country legally has a right to be here. Many of the people born in this country actually came from other countries and their ancestors came from other countries. In fact, some of these ancestors would have forced their way here. Perhaps everyone should complete a DNA test to realise how diverse they actually are.

What has happened has happened, so we (as a nation) need to show leadership and unity. Even if roughly half of us do not agree with the decision. What is done is done. 

Now, I am going to blame the politicians. These events just prove to me even more that the politicans are weak and really do not know what they are doing and really are out of touch with the people. I have not seen much leadership happening, and the prime minster seems incapable or unwilling. The British political arena is a shambles. Surely this country must have people who are able to bring the country together under leadership and sort out this mess. That is what they are being paid to do. One needs to step up and work in the interest of the United Kingdom and its role in Europe (and as a separate identity). So far, it's been a cringe-worthy laughing-stock of unprofessional and priveleged people who don't want to or seem incapable of leading. This is really what is hurting the image of the country.

I hope that everyone can stick together and be friends. I hope the bullying stops. I hope the politicians sort themselves out. Right now, we need a true leader. I don't know who it will be, but so far I've not been impressed with the politicians, and they have a lot to answer for. Remember that we're in this together. The politicians are the ones with the money and the power. Do we really even have a vote, or was it already decided? Right now, we need to stand strong.

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