Escaping Plan52 Escape Room @ clueQuest

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The beginning of this month was exciting. A group of us decided to use our free clueQuest Game. (For those who are not regular readers, we'd booked our first game of clueQuest only to be told on the morning that they had somehow double-booked and we could play another one of the games but not the Plan 52 one that we'd booked; we received a free game out of it.) We booked into the Plan 52 room and set out to solve the mystery and escape the room (and save the world at the same time). clueQuest now organise three games: Plan52, Operation Blacksheep, and Revenge of the Sheep.


We had so much fun solving the puzzles, and we actually had 11.21 spare on the clock by the time we 'escaped', which we were told was really good especially since two of our team of five had never experienced this type of experience before. I cannot say anything more as it would spoil the surprise if I did.


Afterwards, we headed back to King's Cross and stopped off at Lighterman pub on the canal on the way to have dinner. I've heard that the food was good, and we had lovely sunny weather. 


Most of my friends had a burger of some sort, but one of us had pork and I had chicken. I also got a side of carrots and shared a few chips. The chicken and chips were very tasty. However, despite the first thirty minutes, the service became slow or non-existant. They managed to get my partner's order wrong and things went downhill in the service department after that. Which is a pity because the food was excellent and we were all getting a bit bored of waiting. It took 45 minutes alone to ask for the bill.


I also wanted to order the dessert because they had chocolate mousse, which is a rarity. The mousse had a sour taste instead of a chocolate taste and tasted very much of yogurt, and I dislike the taste of yogurt. So, this won't be a dessert that I have again.

Overall, we had a fun day. I hope all of us can get together to plan another escape game.

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