Zany Zebras Charity Trail in Southampton

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Three years ago, Go! Rhinos were loose in Southampton (courtesy of local Southampton zoo Marwell Zoo), delighting families and raising money for charity. Last year, Marwell Zoo announced that they would be hosting another charity animal trail in Southampton this summer. The trail brings the full-sized zebra sculptures to Southampton as well as smaller versions which have been decorated by schools and other community organisations. The sculptures are placed around Southampton for ten weeks in the summer and will be auctioned off in the autumn. The proceeds will go to saving the zebra and their environment in northern Kenya.

I had a trip to Southampton in order to track down the zebras, which you can see below.

Gilbert - Laura Schillemore

This zebra is the poster boy of the trail.

Crystal - Tony Allen

This rainbow-inspired zebra was one of my favourites (if not my favourite).

Warren - Laura Schillemore

This zebra features school supplies.

Frederick - Tony Hitchcock

This is a pirate zebra posing outside the theatre.

Dave - Stephan McKay

A 'dazzle' of zebras is painted on this sculpture to encourage viewers to find them all.

Tooly McTool - Minky

This is a builder zebra.

AquaZebra - Will Rosie

This was created due to Southampton's close ties with the sea and making the seaweed appear like the stripes on the zebra.

Barcode - Anne Mainwaring, Liza Burden and Christine Ellson and team

Sponsored by a craft store, this zebra explores the creativity of many people. Knitted socks keep the zebra feet warm, and illustrations and paint in quilted patterns show some examples of creativity.

Who's You - Denise Hughes

This zebra shows many school children from all over the world.

Fantastic Mr Fox - Deven Bhurke

This zebra has been transformed into a fox.

Silver - Otto Schade

This street artist created a zebra with his trademark ribbon pattern painting style.

The Trojan Zebra - Simon Chadwick

This is a clever zebra with many characters of lions peering from the panels. I spent a little bit of time looking at them and picking out the television show or film that the characters were based off of. This was a fun sculpture to see.

Carpe Diem - Jasen Barker

Named for its sea design featuring carp and sea life, it also inspires the viewer to 'sieze the day'.

Captain Stripes - Will Rosie

This zebra is patriotic with its Union Jack design.

Snappy - Michelle Heron

This zebra has been transformed into a shark. It's very clever.

King Zalfred - PingSweetie

This zebra is created to market Winchester. The zebra is modelled on "King Alfred the Great" and has a sword and a shield.

Southern Gold - Ellie Fane

Sailboats are the design of this zebra, which is conveniently-located next to the sea.

Biffa - Nina Fraser

This construction-worker zebra is sponsored by a construction company. The company wish to make the environment safe and recycle as much as possible.

ZZTop - Jenny Leonard

The black and white piano key or keyboard theme was used a lot for quite a few of the zebras. 

Zayla - Julian Masson

This zebra is meant to glow in the dark, although I did not see it. It is one of my favourites.

Zeabastian the Seabra - Tom Joyce

This zebra is covered in cartoonish sea creatures. 

Goldmane - Mik Richardson

This zebra wears a justice cloak.

Zebby Road - Jenny Leonard

The famous zebra crossing at Abbey Road immortalised the band The Beatles. This zebra features the zebra crossing on the front of the album that The Beatles released.

Allegra - Sian Storey

This zebra is inspired by the African landscape.

The sculptures will be on display for ten weeks from July 16, so that means that they should be available until mid-September. I was unable to find an exact date on their website. Also, five of the sculptures were damaged and removed when I visited Southampton. I wish people would stop stealing and harming these sculptures as they are for a good cause, the artist spent a lot of time evolving them, and people want to see them. For more information, you can view their Facebook page at

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