Fanakpan Paints the Village Underground "Power Tools"

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Street artist Fanakapan has been busy painting in various locations in London recently. "Drunken Glass Elephants" was the name of one of his recent murals on Pedley Street (off Brick Lane). The artist was known for starting out painting colourful balloon animals and sweets before switching to foil silver balloons last year. This year, the artist has continued to experiment using a chrome and glass style of painting and continues to refine this technique. His latest piece is the large wall on the Village Underground. 


The new mural features a glass gun, old-style telephone, glove and globe. According to the artist's Instagram page (1), the piece is about "power tools" and distraction/destruction. The gloved-hand appears to be tossing the glass globe in the air, and the glass gun points toward the hand. Does the hand drop the globe to answer the phone? Is the phone a distraction from the destruction taking place? And why did the artist use an old-style phone as opposed to a mobile phone or cordless handset without the dial?






Fanakapan also reclaimed the wall off Brick Lane and painted a new piece of work in the shape of a star foil balloon. The star is probably a tribute to the fact that the location is known as "Star Yard".


Earlier this year, the artist also painted a skull near Hoxton Square.


I've enjoyed seeing these new pieces from Fanakapan, and I like the Village Underground piece. I'm also interested to see what is painted next and what Fanakapan paints next.


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