Sr. X Paints the Village Underground Wall

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Spanish street artist Sr. X has painted all over the world. The artist studied art and paints eye-catching murals to get visitors to stop and look. Often, his work provokes thought or meaning, and it can also use irony or humor. The artist is no stranger to London and has produced much on the streets in the past, so it was nice to see his work again. This time, the large Village Underground wall was his canvas, and he spent the weekend painting it.


The subject of the mural is a hooded man. According to the artist's Facebook page (1), the work is titled "Penitenziagite", which means "Do Penance". He had a couple of friends buy him pizza while the work was being completed, which may be why there appears to be the inclusion of pizza (with mushroom toppings) in the art. Or perhaps he is doing penance with pizza, because pizza always makes things a little better (right?). Or he's being punished and cannot eat the pizza. 


The black and white figure of the hooded man (and pizza) is crated with black and white paint. This is painted upon a striking blue background with the artist's style of linear design elements (this time in bright yellow) breaking up the space.



Sr. X has often left behind artwork in London. In 2015, the artist passed through and painted a couple of murals, which can be found on my street art round-up post here. He painted a pair of hands on Redchurch Street and a pig on Hackney Road. He also collaborated with street artist Zabou on a mural, which I covered at Street Art: Zabou.


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