Jay Kaes and Falko One Murals on Old Street

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While wandering around east London a few weeks ago, I wandered behind a building that I often do not visit. I just happened to see part of a mural on one of the walls at the front, but I'd never wandered at the back. I discovered that one of my new colleagues (who also happened to be working on a different team on the same floor with me at the same company four years ago) is also a street art fan, and she runs Instagram account londonartcal (her Twitter page is https://twitter.com/londonartcal) where she posts updates of street art; we've been out at lunch getting photographs occassionally. She said that actually the wall at the back (at the corner of Old Street and Great Eastern Street) does have murals. So, we had a look. We discovered murals that I had not seen from Jay Kaes and Falko One.


Jay Kaes is a busy street artist in London, and his primary subject is painting female portraits. He recently painted on Pedley Street. He collaborated with Core246

Falko One is a street artist from South Africa. He has painted a series of elephants on walls across the world, including the one below. The elephants just fit in and work within the space of the walls that they are painted on. This fellow hides in the corner. The wall next to it is occupied by a gorilla. 'Living in a Box' and 'Food Clothes Medicine' are the names of these murals, and they were painted toward the end of 2015. Falko One's primary subject to paint are animals that are in danger.



Unfortunately, the bin was in the way, but the large elephant is nursing a smaller baby elephant that is obscured by the bin.

Have you ever found a new wall with street art on it that you walked by hundreds of times and never looked?

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