Street Art Wall in Exhibition Space of Fintan Magee and Askew One

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While developers were working on the warehouse near Dinerama in Shoreditch, a gate that is usually boarded up and obstructed became clear so that I could peek inside at a nearly three-year old piece of street art by Fintan Magee. In the summer of 2013, Australian-born Magee painted the huge wall at Old Street and Rivington Street with a picture of two men fighting on a boat (covered here), known as "Survival of the Fittest". The following year, Magee and fellow artist Askew One showed off some of their work at an exhibition known as "Oceanic" and painted the walls in the venue where their work was exhibited.


Fintan Magee's piece depicts one man with his face to the ground while another lays on that man's back, with their backs together, and reaches for the sky. Magee's art style is always dramatic and often shows opposing forces. Unfortunately, I could not get a good view of Askew One's contribution to the side wall because it is on the side and covered with a wooden panel. 

In addition to the walls where the exhibition took place, Fintan Magee also painted another wall while in London during this visit. Readers may remember when I covered Magee's high-profile piece on Hanbury Street (off Brick Lane) depicting two astronauts, titled "Two Men Fighting Over the Moon".

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