'Harry Potter' Graphic Design and the House of MinaLima

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Several years ago, I visited the Warner Brother Studios on my birthday and found the exhibit on the graphic design of Harry Potter to be very interesting on the tour. I think that creating all of the graphic design (newspapers, advertising, packaging, and so on) for the Harry Potter world would have been one of my dream jobs. One wall was dedicated to exploring the graphic design that was created for the films. It appeared that those lucky to work in this area for the films did enjoy what they did. 


My next visit to Warner Brother Studios tour was last February, and a few new areas had been added to visit, including the new Platform 9 3/4 and train. Unfortunately, the wall and exhibition about the graphic design aspect had been removed. I did not see it in any other part of the tour.


I had hoped to include a piece about it in my blog, which was a bit more focused on design. However, I couldn't locate the photogrpahs and wanted to go back to take some more and read a bit more about it. Since it's not there, I couldn't. But, the story does not end here. Last summer, I went to see 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child', and Mina Lima were advertising a free exhibition focused on the design of 'Harry Potter'. I finally got to pay a visit last month.


To be honest, I was expecting it to be a little more like a museum with the graphic design exhibits at Warner Brother Studios to have moved here along with information about the pieces. However, there wasn't any information. Instead, the building was filled with graphic design from the films. (This was the same building used for the Cadbury Cream Egg Cafe pop-up last January.) These items were signed and framed, and others could be purchased. They included book covers, posters, newspapers, sweet and toy packaging, certificates, and so much more. The items ranged from the original 'Harry Potter' films to the new film 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'.


The graphic design and MinaLima shop has been opened by two designers (Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima) who worked together for the original films. Below are the photographs I took inside the shop and museum at the House of MinaLima.












Have you been to see the House of MinaLima yet?

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