Ruislip Fairy Village

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I spent Easter Sunday visiting the local market and an Easter Egg Hunt in Ruislip, which you can read about on a previous post here. I also went to visit the Ruislip Fairy Village, which is located in The Orchard near Winston Churchill Theatre, the Old Barn, and Ruislip Manor House. Ruislip Fairy Village is a group of tiny doors put onto the bases of tree trunks and stumps, and each one is unique and crafted beautifully by the mother of the fairies, Ellie Travis. 


Unfortunately, vandals have destroyed the fairy village twice now, and it has re-opened on Easter morning, minus one of the doors that could not be saved. I met Ellie and spoke to her about the village, and she told me that there are 12 doors, but there used to be 13. (The Fairy Village is also now under CCTV surveillance so that anyone who damages it will be caught.) When I learned about Ruislip Fairy Village earlier this year, the village had already been destroyed. I have been waiting for it to be rebuilt. I am glad it has been rebuilt so that others can enjoy it.


Originally, the Ruislip Fairy Village was installed in the base of one large tree. The door could be opened to reveal gifts left for children behind it. Children would then leave notes, and they could also receive a note and small gift from the fairies in return. This tree was later chopped down, so the door was eventually moved to The Orchard and more doors were created. The new doors started with a theme with homes for the fishermen, woodsman, washer, dress-maker, witch, and fairy dust maker.


The Ruislip Fairy Village is beautifully-created and a pleasure to walk around to discover the little doors and the little items that have been created around each door. More photographs can be seen below.









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