CRISP Paints "Star Wars" Death Star Brands

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Today is May the 4th, and that means that it is "Star Wars" Day. Today, I have a themed post to share with street art that I discovered at the end of last year. The artwork is by street artist CRISP, an artist that I have previously covered on my blog. CRISP was born in Australia, but he currently lives in Columbia. A few years ago, he pasted up several plaster masks around east London. I usually see stencil work and paste-ups from him. Tribal masks and stencils with a social or political message (usually against advertising) are common themes.


The artwork pictured appeared on Hackney Road and features the Death Star made out of big brand logos, which are easily recognisable. The branded Death Star is being attacked by a number of X-wing fighters and the Millennium Falcon.



Happy "Star Wars" Day!

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