Lucky Cats in London's China Town

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Four years ago on this day, I was hanging out with some of my good friends from the USA. I had taken off a week so that we could hang out, and one of the places that I took them was to Chinatown in central London. The "lucky cats" were a hit, and I am sure that most readers recognise the "lucky cat", which has a paw that moves up and down. I snapped a nice photograph of the "lucky cats" that we found in one of the shops in Chinatown. (The shop in question is being renovated currently, and I am unsure as to what they will be building in its place, but these cats can be purchased in other shops around Chinatown.)


The Chinese "Fortune Cat" (Maneki Neko, translated as "beckoning cat") is used as a charm in order to attract good fortune. The cat's paw is raised on the left or the right to attrack customers or good fortune.

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