New Lora Zombie Street Art: 'I am Groot' and Kitten Anti-stress pill

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At the end of last year, Russian street artist Lora Zombie visited London for the first time in many years and painted a few new murals in London. I covered these murals here. Lora Zombie's artwork style is grunge, and she is influenced by comic illustrations; she is a self-taught artist and has exhibited her work all over the world. This week, Lora Zombie made a return to London and left behind some striking pieces. The first piece, painted on Pedley Street, features a group of bright pink kittens in a transparent pill capsule. The word "ANTISTRESS" is written behind the kitten-pill along with "MEOW". 


The mural seems to suggest that cute kittens act as pills to help people de-stress throughout the day. I guess that this is true in that there are many videos and images of kittens looking cute and being "kittens".



The next piece is located on a wall that Lora Zombie painted on the last time she was in London. The wall is located at the end of Hanbury Street and features the character Groot, who is a humanoid tree creature, from "Guardians of the Galaxy". Groot's catchphrase is "I am Groot"; in fact, that is the only phrase he says. The "A" in "am" is replaced with an anarchy symbol.


I enjoyed discovering these new murals by Lora Zombie after a quiet few weeks of very little happening in London's street art scene. More Lora Zombie street art can be seen in my posts below:

Lora Zombie Street Art in London

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