Dinerama - Fundi Pizza and YouDoughnut!

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The Friday before last, I wandered over to Dinerama after work. I've been to Dinerama with colleagues at lunch earlier this summer when we took advantage of the beautiful weather, and those were some of the best lunches that I've had this year with colleagues. Dinerama is located near Shoreditch High Street and a short walk from the City; it's at the City end of Great Eastern Street. Dinerama includes several pop-up restaurants selling various street food and includes a few bars selling drinks. During lunch, less venues are open. 


There were a couple of places that I wanted to try that were not open during lunch, so I headed over after work. I couldn't get any of my colleagues to tag along, so I just went by myself. 


I wanted to try Fundi Pizza and You Doughnut. Fundi Pizza sells a small selection of pizzas with different toppings, and they have a pizza oven on site.



I had the cheese pizza. Although the pizza did taste nice, it does not surpass my "best pizza of London". Sorry, Fundi. The pizza itself tasted a bit bland with the underside cooked a little too much. (They had to bin the first one they made for me because it was worse.) I still prefer "Franca Manca" and "Pizza Pilgrims" with a slice of the cheese Homeslice being a third.


I got the wine slushie from "Big Bar" on the ground floor. It was made with rose wine, and it tasted fruity. 


For dessert, I tried You Doughnut! You Doughnut! sells fresh doughnuts, which can be made into a sundae with ice cream and other toppings. I had the vanilla doughnuts with ice cream and malt chocolate biscuits.


Dinerama is open from Thursday to Saturday from noon until late. If visiting after 19:00, a fee is charged. I visited at about 17:00 on a Friday. While Dinerama was fairly busy, I can imagine that it is packed later on and at the weekends, so finding a seat may be difficult and waiting in queue for food may be a bit time-consuming. 

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