Frieze Art Fair 2017

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Last Sunday, I had a wander around one of my favouirte parks (Regent's Park) in the glorious sunshine. The corner of Regent's Park that I visited was near Great Portland Street. This is where Frieze Sculpture 2017 is taking place, showcasing twenty-five wonderful sculptures to visitors visiting the park from the beginning of July until the 8th of October. This is the first time that the sculpture event has taken place for free during the summer. 

Thomas J. Price - Numen (Shifting Votive One, Two and Three)

I will be taking a look at the sculptures for Frieze Art Fair 2017, which are pictured below.

Thomas J. Price - Numen (Shifting Votive One, Two and Three)

Thomas J. Price's work features three large portraits of African men, and these are placed on marble stone. The large monochrome portraits seem to suggest that individual identity is important and powerful. 

Ugo Rondinone - Summer Moon

A bronze sculpture of a bare tree has been painted white, which starkly constrasts the colour and green of the park. The tree looks ghostly in its white form, as if it has met the end of its life or begun a new one.

Mimmo Paladino - Untitled

Three large orbs are decorated with motifs. 

Emily Young - Planet

Emily Young's work is a single piece of quarried stone which has been transformed into an imperfect portrait.

Alicja Kwade - Big Be-Hide

The sculpture features a mirror with two stones with an identical shape place on either side. One of the stones is painted in silver, and this mimics the plain stone shown on the other side. That side of the mirror is also cracked. This seems to show perception is not as it seems.


One of the largest sculptures is a large black cartoonish figure, and I recognise the sculptor's work from Amsterdam. In this design, the figure appears to be in a zombie-like state. 

John Chamberlain - Fiddlersfortune

This reflective pink sculpture appears to be a piece of foil wire and nail cut off and coiled up together. It is a stunning piece, and my camera could not do the colour justice here.

Gary Hume - Bud

A steel column appears to poke from the ground as a spring shoot. This is the first stage with imagination to wonder what it will turn into.

John Wallbank - Untitled (Sewn Cube)

This plastic cube appears to be sewn together with blue thread.

Bernar Venet - 17 Acute Unequal Angles

These rusty-looking beams of steel jut out at odd angles but bring the viewer in to admire the form.

Peter Regli - Reality Hacking No 348

Peter Regli's work often shows a popular subject with a twist. In the sculpture featured, we have a very tall snowman made of black stone.

Hank Willis Thomas - Endless Column

The bronze footballs (soccer balls) are placed one on top of the other to create a tall column. This is a playful and eye-catching sculpture using a familiar item.

Miquel Barcelo - Gran Elefandret

A large elephant is depicted as standing on its trunk. It is an imaginative piece, which seems to defy gravity.

Anthony Caro - Erl King

This sculpture has been formed out of rusted steel, and it seems to show a tribute to machinery and industry.

Eduardo Paolozzi - Vulcan

Vulcan is the Roman god of fire and blacksmith, and he was lame. The artist uses the figure of the god as inspiration for this work, featuring a tall black figure holding blacksmith's tools.

Magdalena Abakanowicz - Standing Figure with Wheel

This sculpture shows a headless and handless figure in front of a large wheel. The figure is detailed and textured, and the wheel (it looks like a mill wheel) is simple in style and without texture. It appears that the man is a slave to the wheel as he is standing at the front of it.

Michael-Craig Martin - Wheelbarrow

A simple red wheelbarrow is constructed out of an orange frame. The single-line illustration also uses the negative space as part of the artwork.

Jaume Plensa - Tribute to Thierry Ruinart

This frame of a figure of a man is constructed from silver metal, which appears to be made out of letters or type.

Rasheed Aramesh - Summertime

This colourful cube with diagonal lines is painted with three primary colours - red, yellow, and blue.

Reza Aramesh - Metamorphosis

Reza Aramesh's sculptures feature hybrid human forms. The sculpture above features a man-goat with his hands tied at the back with a long rope, wearing jeans that have fallen. It is an uncomfortable sculpture which seems to evoke a sense of capture and shame.

Tony Cragg - Stroke

A golden-brown piece of metal looks to have been bended into an organic shape, similar to a tree or a mushroom.

Takuro Kuwata - Untitled and Untitled

These colourful sculptures appear to have amusing textures and colours for the standard sculpture. Both have glistening gold and blue colours, and they appear to be alive and furry.

Urs Fischer - Invisible Mother

A morbib skeleton, which isn't quite human, lies on top of a wooden chair on top of a broken fountain. The placement of the skeleton on its back creates a unique shape as if it was placed there on purpose.

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