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Library of Fragrance has a large range of perfumes that have been created out of different scents. The sense of smell is one of our strongest senses, and a simple waft of a smell can bring back many memories. I have my own favourite scents. Library of Fragrance is the name of the product developed in 1996 by Demeter Fragrance Library, Inc. They are based in New York City, and their goal is to document fragrances. These can then be made into perfumes. Dirt, Grass, Tomato, Play-doh, baby powder, and gin and tonic are some of their well-known scents. Currently, they sell over 300 fargrances, but only 101 of these are available in the UK.


I wanted to see what the fuss was about, so I decided to order a selection of scents. A few of these are my favourite scents, and the others are experimental. I still have a couple that I have not used, but I have used up everything that you see in the photographs.


Lilac: Lilac reminds me of spring (April in Ohio), and the beautiful scent perfumes the air. It reminds me of the two huge lilac trees that we had in our yard growing up, which always smelled so flowery and delicate. I would smell the pretty purple blossoms for more scent. The delicate floral scent in this little glass jar did it justice.

Snow: I am not really sure what snow smells like, so I decided to make the purchase. If I was asked what snow smells like, I would say "cold" and "crisp". The jar came with a very fresh smell, and it's a smell that actually made me sneeze each time I sprayed the bottle. So, yes, snow makes me sneeze. I suppose that it does because it is a crisp smell, and it would make my nose cold when I went outside in it. I also sneeze if it bright - snow-blindness. This did remind me of walking over snow banks in the middle of winter as a child. We had a lot of snow.

Pistachio ice cream: This one was a gamble. I love pistachio ice cream, and if it's made properly, it is my favourite flavour of ice cream. I'm not sure if the scent in the jar does smell like pistachio ice cream, but it does have a pistachio smell with salty or creamy notes added in. 

Fresh hay: I grew up on a farm, so this is a familiar scent for me in the early summer months. I love the smell of freshly-cut hay out drying in the hot sun. The smell has so much meaning, and this little glass jar packages it almost perfectly. The hay has been cut, but there's some underdones of fresh hay that is yet to dry in the mix. Hay is one of my favourite smells.

Fresh coconut: Fresh coconut was a gamble. I love the smell of coconut, but then I've never had a fresh coconut, so I am guessing that if I wanted a fresh coconut smell, then this is spot on. I think I was naive to think that this smell would be less "fresh" and more of a "creamy" and delicious scent. This one did not do anything for me, sadly.

Peach: As I grew up with fresh apples and peaches in the orchard, fresh peaches are the one fruit that I completey miss. They just are not the same when they are picked too green and expected to ripen in a building. They need the sun, and they are juicy and lovely. I enjoy them with a sprinkle of sugar. The scent is captured perfectly. It is one of my favourite smells.

Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle is one of my favourite smells. It brings me back to late June evenings when the hot and humid Ohio days cool off for the evening, allowing the honeysuckle to perfume the air along the country roads. Unfortunately, I found the perfume too strong for the subtle cooled-down June evenings, just before the dusk settles in.

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