Stinkfish Paints Hanbury Street Ahead of "Portraits in Transit"

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Mexican-Columbian street artist Stinkfish has previously painted and exhibited in London. He's currently back in the city to promote his "Portraits in Transit" exhibition at BSMT in Dalston, which is on until the 8th of October. He creates images of people that he sees on his journeys and uses bright colours and geometric shapes. The skin of his subjects is painted in yellow while their style is highly illustrated with several bright geometric shapes radiating from them.


The newest work is located at the end of Hanbury Street, which has become a popular spot for street art this year. There are also a few new pieces across other areas in London. 


Previous work by Stinkfish that I have covered in this blog can be seen below:

Street Art: Stinkfish, Acaro, Mazatl

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