Halloween 2017 at Lush

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Today felt and looked very autumnal with golden, orange, and brown leaves and sunshine with a crisp bite to the air. Over the past couple of days, I have noticed the seasons change. On the tube yesterday, I saw many people dressed up in Halloween party costumes. I've noticed shops and pubs decorated for Halloween with pumpkins and Halloween products for sale. Lush is always one of my favourites, and they have released many new products for Halloween this year. 


This year, Lush have gone all out on Halloween when compared with only a year or two ago when they perhaps only had three or four items for Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night. (The only thing we are missing is Bonfire Night; I miss the 'Cinders' bath bomb, which has been a staple at this time of the year for the past few years.)

Without further delay, I have pictured and written about each of the products. I am missing a couple of them that had previously been released or that I did not see in store.

Bewitched (bubble bar): This black cat-shaped bubble bar smells fruity but also relaxing. It contains bergamont.


Metamorphosis (bath bomb): Not exclusively a Halloween offering, this grey and spikey-looking bath bomb reminds me of autumn and Halloween. It also contains a warming scent, welcome for the cold weather. The grey soon breaks away to reveal colour. This can definitely pass as a Halloween or autumn product.

The Pumpkin King (bath bomb): This pumpkin bath bomb smells of vanilla and spice and is a warming fragrance. I remember it from last year.

Sparkly Pumpkin (bubble bar): This product has been around for at least the past three Halloweens, and I love it. It's a warming and fresh scent.

Pink Pumpkin (bubble bar): This looks similar to the Sparkly Pumpkin but is pink and has  more of a floral scent. 

Magic Wand (soap): This wand-shaped deep red and green soap has a fresh citrus scent.

Hedgewitch (soap): This brown-red soap has a light floral calming scent. Cocao butter and hineysuckle and two of the ingredients.

Ectoplasm (bath bomb / jelly): This bath bomb contains a jelly, which oozes out as the bomb melts in the water. It contains little ghosts dotted around some of the white dots across the surface. The scent is a fresh citrus one.

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