Halloween 2017

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Happy Halloween to all of my readers. I have a lot of changes taking place at the moment, but it is too early to say what changes will happen and when they will take place. I just know that they are in progress, but I do not have anything finalised yet. I am trying to take each day as it comes and to be as patient as I can be. With all of the unknowns, I have found it difficult to focus. 






This evening, I could not be bothered to answer the door every few minutes for trick-or-treaters. I've been finishing up some work at the moment, so I've lazily put out a huge bucket of sweets. Unfortunately, a couple of groups of children have taken handfuls instead of one or two sweets each, leaving only a little for other groups. That is pretty selfish of them, and I do not understand it, but I guess it is a good observation in socialism, psychology and economics. 

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