Street Art: Ketones6000

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Ketones6000 is an artist from western Austrailia who is currently living in London. He creates artwork with geometry and colour and became interested in the arts through live theatre production. He has won awards in Austraila for his work and currently paints and completes street art in London. This year, he has painted several pieces. The most recent additions to his work include portraits and imagery of bees. 


On Pedley Street, he recently painted "The Bee Keeper" featuring a face surrounded by several bees and fruit. 


A realistic mural with bees and yellow flowers was painted on Great Eastern Street. The more recent pieces have been created beautifully as the artist continues creating street art, and the mural on Great Eastern Street is the best. It's a pity that the wall it is painted on is very angular as it doesn't show off the realism of the piece.


Off Bethnal Green Road, the bee theme was kept with another similar mural.





For Quaker Street cafe, Ketones6000 created two separate murals within a week or two of each other. One with with purple and yellow flowers, and the other was a portrait of a female with a floral background.



Earlier in the summer, he painted the following portrait of a female face surrounded by pink flowers.



Hopefully we will be seeing more work from this artist on London's walls.

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