Lush Christmas 2017

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Lush have released their Christmas products for the year, so I went to check them out. This year, they appear to have gone all out on Christmas products with the creation of serveral new products as well as bringing back traditional favourites. I covered some of these in this post along with my favourites. This year, the winner for me is the pear-scented soap, Golden Pear. I'm not a big fan of eating pears, but they smell nice, and these little soaps are shaped like adorable glittery pears. My favourite Lush (and Lush Christmas) product is the 'Snowcake', and they brought this back again with a twist this year. Read below to see what is in store for this Christmas at Lush.


Golden Pear soap: This is a pear-scented soap in the shape of a pear with a Christmasy/winter warming scent and glittery coating.


Snow Angel bath melt: This product has been on the Christmas list for a few years and has a moisturising cocoa butter scent; it reminds me of marzipan.

Christmas Sweater bath bomb: This red bath bomb appears to have a knitted reindeer on it. It offers a warming scent perfect for winter.

Golden Wonder bath bomb: This bath bomb product has been around for the past few Christmases, and it is shaped like a gift and has a fresh smell. Inside is a gift that is seen when placed into the water.

Twilight shower gel: Lavender and tonka creates a relaxing scent for this shower gel, which can be bought in plastic bottles or as a formula shaped like a bottle, which can be rinsed like soap and applied in the shower to lather up.

My Two Front Teeth bubble bar: Named after the Christmas song and shaped like a pair of lips with teeth, this is a relaxing scent twith lavender and vanilla.

The Magic of Christmas bubble bar: This is a reuable bubble bar on a stick, and it features a cinnamon-start which can be swirled into the water and reused to create several bubble baths. It has a wintery almond scent.

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb: This bath bomb has been around for the past few Christmases and smells sweet.

Plum Snow bubble bar: This purple bubble bar has a sweet and fruity smell.

Santa's Christmas shower gel: This is a spicy wintery-warming scent with black pepper and cinnamon, pumped to provide an early morning boost of energy.


Christmas Rocker soap: Shaped like adorable rocking horses, this orange rocker contains mandarin and tangerine oils.

Christmas Cracker bath bomb: Lemon-scented with popping candy, this cracker actually fizzles when placed into the bath.

Snowcloud soap: This cloud-shaped soap offers a relaxing scent made with orange blossom and warming sandalwood.

Snow Fairy shower gel and jelly bomb: Snow Fairy is one of the scents that has come around each Christmas for the past few years. It is a sickly-sweet scent and bright pink in colour and seem to be a favourite. I purchased the jelly bomb, which is a combination of a bath bomb with melting jelly inside. This is not a scent that I like very much, but I wanted to try the jelly bomb.

Candy Cane Roulade soap: This soap looks like a thick peppermint stick and smells like one too with a very refreshing peppermint smell.

Bubbly shower gel: This is a zesty citrus fruity scent made of lime and wild orange oils and grape juice to help cleanse.

Berry Berry Christmas shower gel: This beautiful green-blue gel has a fruity scent, similar to Plum Snow bubble bar but a little more subtle.

Saucy Snowcake soap: The 'Snowcake' scent, which is available nearly every Christmas at Lush, is transformed into a spicier and warmer version.

Snow Fairy pressed soap: This is the sickly-sweet scent of 'Snow Fairy' in soap form, which is one of Lush's regular Christmas scents.


Thundersnow bath bomb: This swirled blue and white bath bomb offers a chocolate-mint scent that is refreshing.


Citrus Christmas soap: This neon-green soap has a highly-citrus scent, which provides a refreshing energy boost.


The Snowman bubbleroon: This bubble bath bar has a summery lemon scent to help uplift in the dark evenings.


Baked Alaska soap: This product has been around for a couple of Christmases at Lush. It has a refreshing and cirtus scent.


Tree-D bath oil: Almond and cocoa butter-scented, this green tree helps moisturise the skin when using.


Snowman bath jelly: Carrots and citrus are some of the ingredients in this bath jelly, which is described as having an uplifting smell.

Santa's Belly bath jelly: This bath jelly has the scent of the popular Snowcake soap, which I am disappointed to see is not on offer for this Christmas for the first time in several years. This has become my favourite Lush scent. The scent has been made into a red jelly with a Santa suit buckle.

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