The Body Shop: Vanilla Pumpkin, Spiced Apple, & Vineyard Peach

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The cold months are now upon us as the summer comes to an end and pumpkin-spiced everything and Halloween decorations are available in shops and cafes. A couple of my good friends got engaged a few weeks ago, so I hit the shops to pick up a card and a couple of gifts. While I was out, I visited The Body Shop to see the seasonal offerings, sale items, and ideas for a potential gift. I am a little bit of a hoarder with bath and body products, and I did find a few nice items for gifts and items for myself.


First up is body lotion in "Vineyard Peach". (I would have expected this to say "Orchard Peach" because peach trees grow in orchards.) Having grown up on a farm with an orchard, I must say that there's almost nothing in life better than a fresh, juicy peach. This reminds me of fresh peaches and is divine.

Second up is "Vanilla Pumpkin" hand cream, a new autumn range. The product smells of vanilla but with a pumpkin-autumn twist to the scent. I think that those who love the vanilla scent will love this one.


"Spiced Apple" was a range on offer last Christmas. It follows from the "Glazed Apple" range, which was popular a couple of years ago. This range is more of a grown-up Christmas scent when compared with the sickly-sweet "Glazed Apple" version, which I loved. I also love "Spiced Apple", which reminds me of Christmas.

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