Fast & Furious Live

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Earlier this month, I went to "Fast & Furious Live" at the O2 Arena. This action-packed car show is inspired by the "Fast & Furious" films. The show included some of the stunt cars used in the films and a host of new characters with their own story. While providing a new story, different stunts were made by looking back and recreating some of these past events in the arena. These included the train heist, the submarine chase, drifting, racing, pulling the bank vault, and a few more. The bank vault scene was really good and concluded with fake money falling from the auditorium. 




At one point, the audience could participate in building their own car for the story.


One of my favourite scenes was with the white cars, which were projected with different colours and styles throughout the racing. The way that this was done was with sensors that tracked the cars and projected onto them, which was very clever. Different colours and patterns were projected onto them, including glitter effects. The ground was also projected with tracks. This same technology of the tracks was used in some of the other scenes.



Another one of the memorable scenes (and probably an easier one for them to pull off) is the scene with the "flying cars". These look realistic, but they are actually drones. This was the scene in one of the films when the cars are dropped from the plane.



At the end of the event, I had VIP tickets for the after show, which allowed me to get up close and personal to the cars and speak to the drivers and the others in the production team.





"Fast & Furious Live" was held in London from 19 January until the 21st January, 2018. It is appearing in Vienna next month and also traveling to other parts of Europe, including Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden. It returns to the United Kingdom in April.

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