Inverness Castle

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Inverness Castle is located along the River Ness and on top of a hill in Inverness, Scotland. The castle is located in the city centre. The red sandstone castle was built in the 1830s on the site of an earlier 11th century fortress. Currently, the castle's grounds (including a beautiful viewpoint over the river) and the north tower are open to the public while the remainder of the castle is closed.


A castle has been present at this location since 1057 and had witnessed several sieges and a conflicted past. The new castle was an improvement the older ones and included a water system and gas.



The viewpoint from the top of the hill overlooking the river is stunning, and over the holidays, the churches, bridges, and other areas along the river are covered in colourful lights.


At the bottom of the hill next to the castle is an ice cream shop called "Cool Ness Ice Cream Parlour". It's a large shop that looks like it hosts parties for children and other events. I had mint chocolate chip ice cream, which came with white chocolate ice cream chocolates.


Have you ever been to Inverness Castle?

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