Street Art Round-Up January, 2018

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The last time that I was in east London to look at street art was in mid-November, and I went back last weekend in order to see what had changed in east London's street art world. I know that the street art community in this area has changed significantly due to the gentrification of the area. This post features several new street art pieces that I discovered including works by Pad, Frankie Strand, ThisOne, Eddie Colla, Samer, Captain Kris, and others. Unfortunately, there weren't any larger-scale pieces.


Pad painted a tribute to elephants, quoting endangered species.


The building on Chance and Whitby Streets was given new paint; it was painted white and then scribbled over with black paint. I am not sure who the artist is, but I can see the name "Sue" on one of the sides.


Frankie Strand and Elno collaborated on this piece with a snake and face.


Jim Zina creates paste-ups that usually feature women illustrated onto newspaper or menus. Some of them are framed, such as the one above.


Woskerski is a street artist who paints portraits with a bit of a sense of humour, such as this punk man dressed as Santa and flipping the middle finger.



Street artist ThisOne is continuously adding new artwork to London's walls, and this is a very tasteful one on the side of this building off RedChurch Street.


Bonzai painted this 2018 street art on Great Eastern street.


Eddie Colla added this paste-up on Sclater Street.


I could not read the artist's name for the above piece.


This is an eye-catching mural on Great Eastern Street by John Beijer.


Captain Kris added a promotion for his show in December.


Samer added a colourful bird along with some work by grafitti artists.


Last, but not least, I discovered this tiles. One has mushrooms, and the other reads "I drink so others become interesting".

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